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Hair Extensions

Hi, I’m Naomi Panizza and I’ve been doing Great Lengths hair extensions since 1995.

You learn a lot in that time. And today I’m still just as excited about the way my clients love their hair extensions.

No other salon product delivers the same transformation or the same level of customer satisfaction.

It’s not just the length.

It’s the volume, the style, the range of colours, highlights, lowlights and blushing techniques that can give you the look you’ve always wanted.

Every client I do hair extensions for becomes a client for life. Today, the Naomi Panizza Hair Extension Studio is now the biggest buyer of Great Lengths in Australia.

So why do my clients love their hair extensions?

Because the way I apply extensions allows you to grow your hair back fuller, thicker and healthier.

I’ve helped hundreds of women grow their own hair back by using my extensions to shield and protect the hair underneath.

Over time this means your hair grows back better than ever before.

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“We all love to shine and I’m so fortunate to see my clients do just that every day. Hair extensions create a world of endless possibilities for you to experience wonderful transformations in colour, volume, length and style”.

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