Hair extensions: Colour,
Length & Volume

Great Lengths has the largest selection of colours in the industry. With over ninety colours, shades and blends our full range of Great Lengths hair extensions offers something for everyone.

From beautiful blondes and hues of honey to rich reds, dark browns and glossy brunettes; the hair is expertly blended by our unique salon blushing techniques to enhance your natural style and achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

Our Unique Blushing Technique

Blushing is a colour blending technique developed by Naomi to give you the best possible colour match for your hair.?

The hair is blushed by mixing two or more different coloured hair extensions into a single strand. This creates a perfectly matched and balanced blend of highlights and lowlights, with different coloured micro-strands blending together to achieve the most stunning, natural looking hair extensions.

With blushing you’ll need very little colour highlights, if any, in your hair for the duration of the extensions. This means your hair is not exposed to unnecessary chemicals and will thrive and grow even healthier with your hair extensions.

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Over 90 hair extension colours,
shades and


Volume & Length

Hair extensions have given us a world of endless possibilities, with a vast array of lengths, colours and applications to create the look you’ve always wanted. But it’s not just about long, lustrous locks that cascade behind you because there are now so many ways to enhance your look with thicker more voluminous hair or equally for creating short modern styles.

We can create cutting edge asymmetrical styles or enhance your fringe into a unique style statement using lengths as shorts as 20cm. Adding a little more length with 30cm is also very effective for long bobs and shoulder length styles. Both 40cm and 50cm are extremely popular among our clients wanting to add volume with a perfectly blended colour, cut and style to create a stunning, vibrant and fresh new look. Great Lengths also offer lengths from 60cm up to 80cm for beautifully thick, striking long locks that blend naturally into the colour, style and flow of your own hair.

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