If you are looking for high-quality hair extensions in Perth, you have come to the right place.


There are many salons in Perth that claim to be the best at hair extensions. But how do you determine which one is right for you?  Hair extensions go beyond a cut and colour. It takes a skilled professional to provide you with hair extensions that are invisible, beautiful, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. It’s a daunting task, but we have you covered.

With over 28 years under our belt as hair extensionists, Naomi Panizza, has seen it all. And while there are many new technicians delivering Great Lengths of extension in Perth, we remain the best.


What Motivates People to Get Extensions?


Many women feel very insecure and unconfident about how they look. They can barely even glance in the mirror. But then, we put their great length extensions in and they almost magically gain confidence. They smile and straighten their shoulders.

There are many types of people that come in to enquire about hair extensions in Perth. Of course, you have those who love it for cosmetic reasons, they want big volume or length. These people want movie star hair, like they see on television and social media, and we can help them achieve it. But then there are other issues women are facing that Naomi Panizza can take sole.

We help lots of people with corrective applications to manage hair fallout or breakage due to medical impacts or physical changes, e.g., cancer, brain tumour, alopecia, or weight loss.

Hair loss can be very devastating. We receive a lot of questions about whether women can have Great Lengths to help with the aftermath. While we are happy to help any person suffering from the effects of hair loss, our real goal is to protect our clients’ hair and not compromise their hair. What good are hair extensions if you can’t use them on your hair?

Our Great Length stylists are the best at understanding fine hair issues. They see clients with very thin hair every day. Hair extensions can cause damage to fine hair, making it delicate and susceptible to breakage. The Great Lengths hair extensions in Perth are the solution for women with fine hair. The extension’s weight is evenly distributed throughout the hair. If you prefer a single strand, Great Lengths has mini strands for fine hair.

Another common issue for many people is the ongoing and exhausting maintenance required with other types of extensions. They are sick of the time it takes to clip in and out their extensions, the damage to their hair from wefts, etc., and the embarrassing and obvious looking extensions. However, with great length hair extensions in Perth once the keratin bonds are put in, they last for many months.


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What are People Afraid of, and What’s Holding Them Back from Getting Extensions?


Extensions are often misunderstood as causing hair damage. We do our best to make sure people understand that extensions can benefit their hair. They can be managed if they are properly done, and they have a check-up every six weeks.

Perth Great Length hair extensions look very natural. Many people don’t realise that they are extremely easy to maintain and are invisible when styling your hair, in messy buns or high ponytails. The keratin bonds not only have a natural curl and mimic natural curly hair, but they also reduce frizziness. You can even grow your hair using this technique.

If you live an active lifestyle, Great Lengths keratin-bonded hair extensions might be what you need. No matter if you are a swimmer or just a regular jogger, Great Lengths can keep up with you. Our keratin bond extensions have been tested and proven to withstand the wet and dry with very little maintenance.

Finally, people can be confused by cheaper offerings on the market and how to distinguish between a weft, tapes, micro-bonds, keratin fusion bonds or clip ins/ halos. That’s why we suggest you come and chat with us at Naomi Panizza to see the high-quality value of great length extensions.


How do you Choose the Right Extensions for your Needs?


Consider your dream hair, but keep in mind practicalities like lifestyle, profession, and how much time you must dedicate to hair maintenance. If you’re looking for lower maintenance, longer-term extensions, keratin fusion bonds are a better solution than a weft, for example, which needs to be re-done every 4-5 weeks.

While clip ins might be a cheaper alternative to getting Saturday night glam hair, they’re time-consuming and can break your natural hair.


What Is It About Great Length Hair Extensions That We Love?


We have found that many of our business values are aligned; the quality of the hair matches my standards. Great Lengths hair that is ethically sourced is something that means a lot. We wouldn’t consider working with any other brand. We have always been impressed with the variety of colours offered. At Naomi Panizza, we prefer to use these rather than harsh chemicals to create your desired look.

Great Lengths hair is naturally wavy and can be styled and dried quickly. You can have any style, colour, or cut. Great Lengths hair extensions are almost invisible when placed properly by a Great length technician. The bonds are applied close to the head, not at the hairline and hair parts. They are discreet and can be easily matched to your own hair because they are set in rows.

Hair breakage due to inferior hair extension systems is caused by hard-compound hair extension bonds made of wax, metal, or other hard compounds that are not flexible when the hair is wet. Great Lengths’ synthesised keratin bonds mimic natural hair structure, expanding and contracting with the shaft of your hair. This does not put stress on your hair.

However, proper application is essential to avoid hair breakage. If the Great Lengths Keratin Bonding process is applied correctly by Great Lengths Certified hair extension experts, it will not cause any damage to your hair.


What to Expect at your Initial Consultation with Naomi Panizza


Your stylist will discuss your goals with you and provide a quote. Each set of Great Lengths hair extensions is different for each client depending on their hair length, thickness, and head size.

The following is the format of your consultation:


You’ll be welcomed into the studio and get a chance to talk about your hair goals, which takes around 30 minutes. Your stylist will ask what you are looking for in terms of length, volume, and colour. Your hair history will be taken to help determine if you are suitable for Great Lengths. We love to see inspiration photos, so if you have images of your dream hair, make sure you bring them in so we can help you achieve it.

We’ll do a colour consultation. The stylist will then match the colours, taking special note of any highlights or balayage effects. A unique service offered by Naomi Panizza is the colour “blushing”. For years, extensions came in defined colours that didn’t blend – unlike natural hair. By creating highlights and low lights in every head of extensions, this creates a completely personalised and natural head of hair every time.

Your stylist will count the Great Lengths hair strands required to achieve your perfect, feminine dream hair. We’ll talk about length, style, and your lifestyle.

Your stylist will create a quote based on the above and then share it with you for you to decide.

From there, we’ll get you booked in and take a deposit to secure your appointment.

You’ll need to spend approximately four to five hours with us to complete your extension application.

Remember, no question is too silly to ask during your consultation.


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